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Uncategorized Taking a break from work can be as vital as the long workdays

by Tanya Colclough

Recently Ted and I spent a few days away from work. It couldn’t have come at a better or worse time! Having suffered family bereavement we really did need to get away, spend some time together and not just be passing by each other as busy days inevitably dictate.

On the other hand we both had busy workloads and timelines and commitments we were working towards but felt we needed to make it happen. A little extra effort in the couple of weeks before we left was worth the break we could take whilst we were away. So that is what we did.

Off we set for the whole 1.5 hour journey down the road to Castlemartyr! Our happy place. With no more plans in place than a round of golf, some lovely walks, a good book and possible blogs to be written.

Getting Some Distance can Help You Refocus

You see, I am a firm believer that in order to be successful at something you need to be able to take a break from it and step away for a while. In the distance you become more energised, refocused and re-find the passion you initially once had for it. A strategic interruption, if you will. To take stock and ask yourself some important questions when you actually have the time to listen to the answers.

Ted and I often comment that what we chat about when we are out for a walk is podcast material, much better than when we chat about work across our computer screens. It can be either the break away from our work environment, the causal setting of a chat where we both speak and listen in equal measure or the different perspective being out in the fresh air can give you.

Coming Back To Work With Renewed Vigour

And so it was the same on our break away. We had quality time for each other, where our businesses was the furthest from our minds. But we also spoke in detail about what we wanted from our work and how to make it happen. I also tucked myself away for the shortest time and approached my work with the renewed vigour and enthusiasm that reminds me why I started my business in the first place.

Castlemartyr was heaven and we are already clearing our schedule to go back and do it all over again soon.

Hi, I'm Tanya

I am an award winning photographer and business mentor. I empower creatives to build what they love to do into a successful business, to reach their amazing potential with confidence and live life to the full!


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