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Uncategorized What to do when you haven’t booked any weddings

by Tanya Colclough

Booking weddings when you are starting out can be difficult. for most established wedding photographers their bookings come from referrals and recommendations from previous couples. But how do you get to this position and book weddings? You are a photographer after all and although your passion is for weddings most new photographers box themselves off and seldom photograph anything else. They second shoot for other wedding photographers but nothing beats the feeling of organising your own photography session and taking the creative lead.

Move Beyond Second Shooting A Wedding – Plan A Family Session

I felt this way too. I learned so much as a second shooter for other photographers that I admired but knew I would never make the leap into photographing my own weddings unless I photographed by myself. What I love most about weddings is the family element. People who are comfortable in front of my camera is so important to me and photographing families in their own own homes or places where they love to be as a family means you need to be able to make them feel at ease. Starting out this is a valuable skill to develop and by photographing family sessions you can learn this skill in a more relaxed way and also importantly earn an income as you make your way in the wedding industry.

Confidence Comes From “Running” A Photography Business

Nothing beats being out there, working and doing what you love to do! There is a confidence that comes from this that can be seen in your work. It also positions you as a busy photographer who is running a popular business, who has happy clients and a portfolio of work for people to view. It can also lead to other things and in the past former family photographer clients of mine have thought of me when family weddings were announced.If you find that your wedding business is growing slower than you would like, then get out there and promote other sides of your business. Family sessions can be an easier starting point and can bring you business and valuable income.

Hi, I'm Tanya

I am an award winning photographer and business mentor. I empower creatives to build what they love to do into a successful business, to reach their amazing potential with confidence and live life to the full!


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